Neighborhood Housing Study

This project involved data analysis, a field survey, and the development of several targeted policy recommendations to improve the quality of life in the Downtown South neighborhood in Manassas, VA.    


I worked with the City of Jeannette to revise their outdated zoning ordinance, performing the bulk of the background research for the project and drafting most of the ordinance text.

Transit Facilities

I analyzed the proximity of transit facilities to neighborhoods in Naperville, Illinois as part of a fair housing study.

Data Visualization

I created this visualization using Tableau to illustrate the impact of small business in Allegheny County and Westmoreland County.

Green Infrastructure

This map shows parcels in Detroit’s Lower East Side that are suitable for green infrastructure treatments. The area highlighted in orange is particularly well-suited, because the area suffers from high vacancy rates, is flood-prone, and borders dense residential areas.

Land Cover

This map shows the variety of land cover across Michigan’s central Upper Peninsula. To create this map, I first used an open source GIS program (QGIS) to convert a raster file into a shapefile because my employer did not have access to ESRI’s Spatial Analyst extension.